Now there’s a yummy thought. Here, you’ll find tiny nuggets of fun food ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Make memories without worry because you’ve got us. Now go for it.

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plate of nachos with meat and salsa

Chew Your Way Around the World
Go somewhere new each week with themed cuisines. Greek Week, Mextravagant Meals or Chinese Chowdown. Make it educational by slipping in a cultural lesson.

plate of typical Thanksgiving foods

Throw out the Calendar
Serve up your favorite holiday classics whenever you feel like it. Have a 4th of July barbecue in December, or cook Thanksgiving dinner in June. It’s not about when, it’s about what you’re eating and who it’s with.

plate of food in the foreground with a young girl in the background

Turn “leftovers” into “right ons”
What happens when you put Monday’s chicken with Tuesday’s gazpacho? Try creating a brand-new dish with the week’s leftovers. Put the kids in charge for extra fun.

Dinner party with friends

Progressive dinner theatre
It’s a traveling dinner party with a twist. Each location not only has a part of a meal, it also features an act in a play starring the hosts. Break a leg!

deck of cards spread out on the table

On the invite, simply say: Big Game Night
Football? Spades? Venison? You decide what it means. Or, just surprise folks when they show up. It’ll be fun. Promise.

wine being poured into a stock pot

Host a wine tasting
You don’t have to be an expert. You just need different types of wine and a sense of humor. Whites with shrimp cocktail, reds with meat and cheese plates, and for dessert, pop a sweeter sparkling wine. Cheers!

young girl mixing something with a spoon In a bowl

Lil Chef
Can your kids cook? Put them in charge of dinner and then eat it as a family. It’ll probably be the best pizza tater tot ice cream gummy bear casserole you’ve ever had. Glad we can be there for you – wink wink.

Fun school lunch

Too cute to eat. Almost.
Liven up the school lunch table with a bento box. They’re super easy and so cute you’ll want to make them for all the neighborhood kids too. Well, maybe not.

Deep fried s’mores

And the deep fried food award of the year goes to…
…drumroll…Deep Fried S’Mores. Kind of gives you heartburn just looking at it, doesn’t it? Well, good news – we’re here. Have a couple.